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Wright's Lake
A short story by Debbie Fedler

The first day here is spent setting up camp, then relaxing and taking it easy. You usually donít feel like doing much of anything else because your body needs to decompress. We are at 7000 ft. up in the Sierras. For those of us who are use to only 150 ft. above sea level it does take some time getting use to. The air can seem very thin and can make breathing difficult until you become accustomed to it.

Our first night is overcast but warm. The cloud-cover breaks up in time to see a harvest moon peek over the higher mountains. It is so bright that it turns everything in the campground into black and white. There is no color present to the eye. As you look up you can see clouds moving in front of the moon. You get the strange feeling that you have seen this scene before in an old horror movie.

The next day is a clear sunny day. Mist on Wright's Lake (Click for larger view) Just as the sun is rising up over the lake there is a mist covering the top of the water and everything is very quiet as you sit and drink your first cup of coffee for the day. There is nothing like a pot of coffee made outdoors on a crisp cold morning in the woods. The aroma of breakfast being cooked in the outdoors is over powering, and your mouth soon starts watering as you take in the smell of bacon being cooked at other camp sites.

Itís a beautiful place to sit and clear your thoughts, to cleanse the mind so to speak. Something all of us need to do more often, but just never realize it until itís too late. We forget to enjoy the small things in life.

The silence here is occasionally broken by the sound of a Blue Jay calling out to itís mate, maybe to let her know that food has been found at an abandoned camp site. There are many squirrels and chipmunks scurrying up and down the trees in search of food. They are busy gathering pine nuts and anything else they can find because they know the winter snows are not far behind.

As I look around I see many types of tall pine trees. Pine needles (Click for larger view) They have seen many more years than I have. Sometimes the wind blows through the forest canopy. That is when you could swear you could hear those tall trees speaking to you in whispers. At that moment you look up and it seems to be snowing as the pine needles slowly glide to the ground.

The sun shines through the trees in such a way that you imagine an angel is going to appear through the beams of light at any moment. Then you begin to think that maybe that is really what happened, but only to you. No one else is able to see such a wonderful sight.

A walk by the lake is another sight to behold. The water is a clear, cold blue, snow water from the previous winter storms. It seems to be untouched by humans, as everything looks so pristine. Reflections (Click for larger view) You are even able to see the bottom. The reflections of the trees and the mountains seem as if you are looking in a mirror. The only movement on the water is a breeze that seems to lightly kiss the top of the water causing ripples to move about. You could sit there all day and do nothing else but look and think. You feel as if you never want it to end, but you know it must so you hide it away somewhere in the back of your mind. Then maybe someday you pull it back out and reflect on the beautiful things in life that you find yourself too busy to take a good close look at, when itís probably too late.

© Debbie Fedler, 2001

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